I mentioned yesterday that my word of the year was STREAMLINE. I am purging my life of the things that are cumbersome; I am streamlining my routines so I can experience maximum RESULTS. You may already know about my hair and the trouble it is causing me. How does long hair that takes 2 days to fix fit into my STREAMLINED lifestyle? It doesn’t! I can already hear my mom cheering 100 miles away, “She is going to cut her hair!” Yes, folks you heard it here first, I am making an appointment first thing in the morning. So, I haven’t lost 50 pounds yet, but having this hair doesn’t sit well with working out 6 days a week. I refuse to let my stubborn pride hold me back. STREAMLINE project #1: STREAMLINE my morning routine by cutting my hair! I am open to suggestions. I am thinking something spunky…

my word of the year… a few months late

Last year my word of the year was QUIET. It came to me during the 2010 Christmas holidays, and it rang true on so many levels throughout the year. So as I approached 2012 I was anxious to find that word; the point of focus for this year. I waited, I prayed, I read, I discussed… At some point in January Greg came to me and stated in true “man, leader, see-the-hill, take-the-hill” fashion that the word of the year should be RESULTS! Now, I agree with him, we could sure use some results around here at the Erway house… but, was it my word? Could I see myself focusing on RESULTS? I guess my innate fear of failing took over and I couldn’t allow myself to proclaim that truly this would be the year of RESULTS.

I am working for results
I am praying for results
I am trusting God that results will happen

But where is my focus?

I am happy to say that today I finally feel like I have my word. STREAMLINE.
Ya know what? STREAMLINE is the key to RESULTS. God is cool like that!

So, here is to STREAMLINE – Let the purging begin… did I just say that? I know some will be painful, some will be liberating, all will bring about RESULTS.

How about you? Do you have a “Word of the Year”? I would love to hear what God is doing in you life.