How “The Voice” let me hear God’s voice…

We are hooked. We love “The Voice”. All 5 of us sit around and cheer and critique; it is awesome! Since we are a house full of musicians, this kind of show is perfect for us. Now, I do wish the judges had a better vocabulary and didn’t resort to profanity like they do, but it is what it is. We have teens now and we talk about how those words make us feel and how unnecessary they are. Well, the other day I was catching up on an episode that we had missed as a family (thank you HULU), when I heard this phrase, “it just proves there is no pit too deep”…wow… it stuck. I beleive that, I believe there is no pit too deep for God. He can reach us and lift us up. Also, He can come down in the pit and comfort us as we find the strength to trust… whoa!

As soon as I heard that phrase, I went to the piano and sang the song God was speaking to my heart… here are part of the lyrics:

No Pit Too Deep

No pit too deep
No mountain to high
You see every tear
You watch me cry…

I’m never alone
With You by my side, so come and rescue me

You are here
I feel You now
You are here
There’s no more doubt
Your love surrounds me and I know, I know
I know that You are here

I hope this brings an encouraging thought to someone. Even in “the pit” God is there. We are never alone! What an amazing thought!