selling your house is hard work!

We have been cleaning, painting, packing, de-cluttering, redecorating, mowing, planting, pulling weeds, and…oh you get the picture.  Yet, every room in my house looks like a tornado went through!  Why is it things have to get worse before they get better? Why do we create so much work for ourselves?  I mean we have lived here quite happily for 7 years.  Our house is clean and beautifully decorated.  Our yard is nicely landscaped. However, when you look at it through the eyes of a potential buyer you begin to notice…when did that paint get chipped?, wow! that blue in the boys room is really bright, why does my shower floor not sparkle?  So, we are painting the kids bath, boys room and the school room a nice neutral color.  We are touching up the paint on the baseboards.  We painted the front door black – it looks awesome!  Lastly, I am determined to make my shower floor shine.  Maybe I have been a little over zealous with this goal…this morning I sprayed Tilex on the floor and went about my day.  Just a little while ago I added another cleaner, forgetting about the Tilex and began to scrub… well, lets just say those two cleaners did not get along.  I think it even began to eat the grout!  One tearful phone call later all is well.  My handy man husband assured me that he would fix it; even re-grout the shower if necessary.  He said all that matters is that I am OK and hadn’t asphyxiated myself with the chemicals.  Ah, love!  It covers a multitude of sins and forgives random acts of stupidity. It also makes all the hard work worth it.