Oh mom, am I going to be like you?

There was laughter in her tone, but truth in her words. I was doing my best “Grampy” imitation and we were both laughing. That’s when she said it, “Mom, am I going to grow up and be like you? Am I going to say all the silly things Grampy says and now you say?” I reassured her that yes, you will grow up to be like me, only you will be doing imitations of your father, not mine. She didn’t find much solace in that, instead she expressed that she would rather grow up to be like her dad. Well, I can’t blame her, I mean he is pretty amazing. She said she wanted to be all organized like dad. She knows I try, but we both know I fail. I want to be organized, I re-organize things constantly (this drives Greg crazy because he can’t seem to find anything!) I read books about organization, I buy things to make me organized, I create a board on Pinterest called ALL ABOUT ORGANIZATION and yet… I still live in a state of frustrated un-organization.

I am trying with new zeal; for her, for Greg, for the boys, for me… I guess this is part of STREAMLINE. I have said for a year now that I think we have twice the “stuff” we need. I believe the biggest part of my struggle is that everything doesn’t have a place; so therefore it isn’t in its place! She probably won’t change her mind; and that’s ok, but I can make our life a little less stressful by making it less “stuff”full.

A glimpse of a past attempt at organization: Home canned veggies from our garden, but notice the mugs. Christmas mugs out in August? Oh well…

I am not a scrooge… I’m just ready for it to be over!

I don’t understand why, but every December it happens the same way. The day after Christmas I want it all to be put away! I am sitting here typing this in front of the fireplace and twinkling lights on the tree, and my insides are a nervous mess! I should be up cleaning, packing it away, reorganizing something – somewhere. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it is because I plan seasonal events for our church and I was already thinking of Easter before we ever got to Christmas. Maybe it’s because I have been looking at Christmas decor and listening to Christmas music since July. Maybe it’s because I know it is not going to be fun at all to pack it all away and so I just want to get it over with. Or maybe, just maybe, it is because my birthday is next week! That’s it! I love writing my blog, it is so therapeutic! I am always ready to put Christmas away because of the deep underlying fear that my birthday will get lumped up into the Christmas celebration. All of you with birthdays around Christmas say Amen!

No really, I just want to go on to the next thing. The next thing is a clean and organized house. The next thing is days filled with routine and school and housework and budget and exercise and… One year I lounged around and enjoyed the holiday hangover and before I knew it, it was February and we still had Christmas houses out! So call me Scrooge, Grinch, obsessed, or just plain weird, but I am ready to put it all away.

I’m making my list
checking it twice
putting stuff away
all tidy and nice…

well not quite yet, I haven’t been brave enough to tell everyone else in the family what I have planned!