How “The Voice” let me hear God’s voice…

We are hooked. We love “The Voice”. All 5 of us sit around and cheer and critique; it is awesome! Since we are a house full of musicians, this kind of show is perfect for us. Now, I do wish the judges had a better vocabulary and didn’t resort to profanity like they do, but it is what it is. We have teens now and we talk about how those words make us feel and how unnecessary they are. Well, the other day I was catching up on an episode that we had missed as a family (thank you HULU), when I heard this phrase, “it just proves there is no pit too deep”…wow… it stuck. I beleive that, I believe there is no pit too deep for God. He can reach us and lift us up. Also, He can come down in the pit and comfort us as we find the strength to trust… whoa!

As soon as I heard that phrase, I went to the piano and sang the song God was speaking to my heart… here are part of the lyrics:

No Pit Too Deep

No pit too deep
No mountain to high
You see every tear
You watch me cry…

I’m never alone
With You by my side, so come and rescue me

You are here
I feel You now
You are here
There’s no more doubt
Your love surrounds me and I know, I know
I know that You are here

I hope this brings an encouraging thought to someone. Even in “the pit” God is there. We are never alone! What an amazing thought!

Guest post by my man. Professional, Expert, Friend…

The Professional, The Expert, and The Friend

“Youʼve got the crud!” Thatʼs what the doctor said to me. The good news was I didnʼt
have the flu. But who wants “The Crud”? Nobody. Hereʼs my doctorʼs cure for “The
Crud”; a B12 shot mixed with steriod and another shot of anotibiotic. The two shots
need a Z-pack to go along with, “just to cover any respirtory issues left unconquered by
the shots.”, said my doc. (My doctor is a character. Iʼll have to write about him
Anyway, it wasnʼt so much being sick with “The Crud” as it was the timing of my health
failure; and isnʼt it always about the timing? My family, I being the leader, was supposed
to help a good friend move yesterday. We were the only ones lined up to help. If we
didnʼt show our friends were going to have to do it alone. I woke with full blown cold
symptoms; body aches, head completely stopped up and hurting, and pain in my throat
like someone had been stomping around in there with a garden rake. Uuuggghh!
Whatʼs a guy to do? Show up. Thatʼs all I could do. So, today I asked myself, “How did
yesterday end up being such a wonderful and meaningful day?”.

First, my wife called my doctor, who is a very busy general practice doc in our town, and
explained my situation. They said they could take me right then if could come on in.
When I stepped into the office yesterday December 16 (the middle of cold and flu
season) there wasnʼt a single person sitting in the waiting area. I mean, the fish in the
fishtank were all lined up and peering through the glass like “where is everybody?” I got
right in to see the doctor and got fixed up. Amazing!

Even more amazing than the doctor, was the fact that I could feel good about leaving
the moving project to go to the doctor. When we arrived at our friendʼs apartment
another friend was already there with his son. As it turns out, this guy happens to be an
expert mover. He had moved, I donʼt know how many times in his military career, but
before joining the army he had worked for a major professional moving company. When
I say he was good, I mean he was really good. He had the straps, the tools, everything.
And, he had full control of the project when we arrived. This moving deal was not just a
project, it was a science. He was the mad scientist asking for “this next, bring me all
those, and now we start to tier everything down to the back of the truck.” He was truly
blessed by the moving gods from on high. Blessed!

Over the next few hours following the shot I began to feel much better and by the time
we headed out I felt almost normal. I rode shotgun in the moving truck for my friend.
During the next four hours we talked. We talked about the paths God has each of us
on. We talked about the church. We talked about that really meaningful kind of stuff
that seems to strengthen even more the already powerful bonds of a good friendship. I
had an incredible time. Incredible!

Yesterday started out horribly. It was headed full speed into the kind of day you want to
bury in your memory to never think of again. What turned it around? Well, Iʼm giving all
the credit to God. I couldnʼt do anything about my physical pain and
God provided a
professional to give a needed shot. I didnʼt have the strength or the knowledge to
accomplish the task of moving my friend but God brought the helping hand of an expert
to take away the pressure. And the bonus for me was that God created a moment with
a cherished friend. One of those especially comfortable, easy moments you get when
youʼre with someone you respect and care about and nothing else matters except to just
be there.
All I could do yesterday was just show up; so I did that and God did the rest.
Sometimes, as a leader you have to only show up and depend on God to work through
others on your behalf. When you canʼt be prepared like you want to be God can meet
you at the crisis and turn things around for you. Just show up.