Well well you (ooh ooh ooh ooh) you make my dreams come true (you you) you (you you)

All of you 80′s classic fans out there are now singing along…you can thank me later. But, I just couldn’t help myself. I really feel that way about my husband. Oh, not in the mushy gushy way you might think (although there is plenty of mushy gushy in our relationship) but in the real tangible, bring my dreams to life way. See, I am an idea person. I get visions, I feel things, I imagine what might be, I dream… the really cool thing is that God gave me a husband who can actually make those dreams become reality. “Hey, hon I think we need angels sitting on a cloud that extends out over the stage at Christmas” voila! “Hey, Greg I think it would be so cool to have an armoire in our bedroom to put our Christmas tree in” voila! “Oh my goodness Gregory, can you imagine what it would be like to…” I think you get the idea. He is amazing!

My latest vision has been to create a gathering place, a home that feels like us. A place where we grow our own food, where we cook whole foods meals for friends and family; a sanctuary of sorts… So when I first read about ‘Back to Eden’ I was hooked. I began dreaming of lush green plants bearing delightful fruits and vegetables. I sent Greg the link and said, “this is our future”. I wasn’t sure how or when, but I knew it was something I desperately wanted for our family. Fast forward 2 days, yep, only 2 days… and the guys are unloading the first step to our ‘Back to Eden’ garden!

You will need to watch this amazing film to find out why these wood chips are invaluable. The best part is they were FREE!

You must take time to remember: a lesson in gratitude

I have been blogging for several years now and my blog has often taken on a life of its own. There are days and weeks when I feel so inspired that I write and write and write… then, there are the other kinds of days and weeks. Today was sort of one of the “other” kinds of days. I found myself asking, “Where is my passion? Where is the wild innovation I often feel bubbling under the surface?” I found the answer in an unlikely place; I found it in reading my own blogs posts! It is crazy, but I went back and started reading some of the things I had written and all of the sudden it was like a fog lifted and I felt inspired. I thought, “wow! Did I write that?” So if you ever find yourself in a funk, here is a bit of encouragement: Keep a journal, start a blog, keep a diary, do something that keeps a record of your thoughts and doings. It is a powerful way to look back and see how you have grown. It shows how God has been faithful even in our unfaithfulness. It will encourage you and it will help you remember where you have been.

One of my favorite ways to remember is by counting “gifts” along with Ann and the thousands of others over at her website. Her book truly has changed my life.

So join me and take the challenge. Start small. No perfectionist legalistic rules, just start to take note of the joy and gifts around you everyday. This is a crazy, fast, and wild life we are living. Go ahead and take the advice of an old saying:

Stop and smell the roses!

the first sign of spring in my flower bed...

it’s my second most favorite time of the year…

It goes without saying that fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Sweaters, football, hot tea, snuggles, holiday, cozy… I love it all. In the last few years, I have found myself getting almost as excited about spring. Oh, the rain, the green, the new life, the patio, the promise of a garden, extended daylight… I love it all. I think this year I am appreciating it to a whole new level. With the drought and scorching heat of last summer, I feel like it has been forever since my world was green. As I drove home from the gym this morning, the rain was falling and the world seemed florescent with the many shades of green. I was totally taken. I am ready to get my hands in the dirt. I am ready to gather around the fire on the back porch and sing until the sun goes down, I am ready put away the heavy clothes of winter and trade them for light and airy… I am ready for spring!

what a fantastic day… my 1000 gifts list continues

My family surprised me. I don’t know if I have ever been more clueless about where we were going or what we were doing. After church, I was told to dress casual, but not too casual. Not go sit out on the rocks at the refuge casual, but still comfy. OK, that was a challenge. Do you know how hard it is for a woman to dress for an event she doesn’t know about? And to make matters worse, it was HOT. It was really HOT. It was close to 100, on the 8th of May! I finally settled on a cute pair of LONG walking shorts, top and sandals. Then they said I needed a hat and sunscreen…

Well, it was glorious! Greg packed the cooler with deli goodies and we headed off to…The Polo Field! We met Jeff and Donna Ewing at the Ft Sill polo field for a polo match. Such fun since Jeff played polo at OU, back in the day. He was our own personal polo play by play. Yes, it was hot, but we found a beautiful old shade tree and had plenty of iced water. What a memory.

When we arrived at home, we went to pick beets from our garden. As Greg and I walked toward the garden we felt big, fat raindrops fall. The rain was so refreshing after our hot day at the polo field we just relished in it. We picked about a fourth of the beets… I love gardening, and I love sharing the experience with my husband. I am blessed!

#66 whispered voices that are planning surprises
#67 polo fields
#68 gardening with my husband
#69 ruby red beets
#70 dirt under my fingernails
#71 friends
#72 smiles on my children’s faces
#73 picnics
#74 shade from big pine trees
#75 iced cold water on hot days