Saturday: sights and sounds…

As I was working in the kitchen I thought about all the different activities going on in our home right then. I wanted to capture the real life moments; the living of life going on around me. Here a few of our sights and sounds…

prepping veggies to be stored in mason jars for the Daniel Fast

working out guitar sounds for the new worship songs he and Greg wrote

new strings on his acoustic bass

staining the frame he built for a friend’s painting, in the living room, because the garage was too cold

and, there always has to be a dreamer…

What sights and sounds are filling your home today?

full of life Friday…

walk across the street in the RAIN to pray with a friend going in for surgery

make peppermint tea and muffins

listen to Mozart as Greg reads the libretto to the kids

eat breakfast with the front door WIDE OPEN (no bugs!)

study the Constitution with Em

listen to Col’s presentation on 3 branches of gov’t

watch Eth take his last high school history test EVER! (senior 2012!)

have a friend over to talk music theory and music history with Greg

hold his precious baby as he joins the family for lunch; homemade potato soup and my savory parmesan herb biscuits

receive an exciting text from a friend; she got me a signed copy of Ann Voskamp’s book !

They say she prayed a blessing over me as she signed it!

listen to guitar practice, piano practice, plans for a short film, and drink coffee

sit down to a meal of Green Chile Enchiladas made with the last of our “mild” Santa Fe roasted chiles

bake a pumpkin cake

decorate the house for fall

thoroughly enjoy the precious life God has given

Foodie fun!

I was just wondering?  Are we the only family that goes to grocery stores on vacation?  Just for fun?  And, is it weird that I take pictures?  I know my mom would never take a picture of a grocery store display.  Is it a generational thing?  Or is it a love of cooking?  Anyway, here are a few of my favorite “foodie” shots…

a great little place in Norman

relaxing before volleyball

Central Market – Southlake