1000 gifts list continues…

To say that learning about grace and gratitude has changed my life would be a understatement. My life is fuller and richer just because I am more aware. Oh, most of the things I express gratitude for have been there all along, its just that I rarely took time to notice and appreciate them. So, here is my list as it grows and grows…

#101 – #120

#101 Monday morning phone calls from my hubby
#102 acting in Community Theater
#103 mountains of laundry, washed and put away
#104 beets roasted, fresh from our garden
#105 summer
#106 being on a budget
#107 being debt free
#108 my trainer Mandy
#109 friends to workout with
#110 cool breezes on the back porch
#111 moments of maturity in my kids
#112 being called “the singer” again
#113 midlife reinventions
#114 weight watchers
#115 The Reading Promise
#116 church family
#117 possibility
#118 mercies that are new every morning
#119 talk radio
#120 The Splendid Table

Long Lost Love

Somewhere along the road of pursuing our “American Dream” many of us lose the very thing that made us who we are – our passions.

Many people equate being a good parent with martyrdom of personal likes and interests. I used to feel that way. While I still whole heartily agree that parenting requires sacrifice, I think it is crucial that we don’t lose our sense of self in the process. Our kids need to see that we are people with likes, dislikes, feelings, and talents.

Recently, I was reading a blog written by a very interesting vegetarian mom with dreadlocks – my daughter freaked. She had no idea that her mom has a hidden desire to be a granola-eating, long skirt-wearing, Colorado-dwelling homeschool mom. Oh, I am a homeschool mom, and I do sometimes eat granola and wear long skirts – but there is a difference.

Now, I am not on some power rampage screaming for my voice to be heard. It’s just that I am finally at the place where I can say without guilt or fear,” no thanks I’d rather not” or better yet, “hey, you know what I’d like to do?”.  I once was a vibrant and interesting person their father fell in love with. Am I still that person? I need to allow a little time to develop my interests so that when they leave ( and yes they will leave) I  am still a person of interest and vibrancy.
So, that’s where this blog comes in. I am reigniting my love for things past, things that helped make me who I am. Who am I? I am a God-loving, grace-seeking, homeschooling mom who is madly in love with my pastor husband. Come join me as I explore my long lost loves – I may even find a few new ones along the way!