go back to your vision…

I am sitting in a Leadership Summit listening to Mark Rutland, the President of Oral Roberts University. He is talking about how a leader can revitalize a stagnant church, I heard him say this phrase and I couldn’t help but apply it to my life.

go back to your vision

This is something I have been feeling for several month now and yet I hadn’t quite been able to put it into words. Life has caused me to experience vision drift. I know we must be willing to change and evolve as situations and circumstances change, but I feel like I had lost sight of my original God given vision. When I became a mom 16 years ago, I had a clear vision of what I wanted life to look like for our children. There are things I wanted them to know, things I wanted them to experience, skills I wanted them to obtain, feelings I wanted them to associate with home. I have seen some of these things come to pass, but there is an underlying uneasiness in me. That phrase, “go back to your vision” is the source of my anxiety. I have allowed the tyranny of the urgent to unseat my vision.

I have a fresh inspiration to see my vision come to pass. Thank you God for giving me this simple phrase to set me back on track. Planning is underway even now to bring back the principles that guide our family life and homeschool journey:

Charlotte Mason


AH, it feels good and healing just to type those three blessed words. I’ll be writing more about these later. For now I’ll just give a brief explanation of what they mean to me.

Atmosphere: make sure the surrounding or pervading mood of our home is one that inspires. Let our family character and distinctive qualities be something that is attractive to our kids.

Discipline: work on bringing a state of organization; train myself and my family in habits of self control and productivity.

Life: supply curriculum and learning experiences that are varied and allow for growth in spiritual life, intellectual development, and physical health.

I am a girl obsessed…

I can’t seem to stop searching for that perfect kitchen… it has become an obsession. Just tonight Greg said, ” wow, you just don’t seem to get tired of looking at kitchens.” What he says is true, but the greater truth is that I am compelled to search until I feel that the perfect kitchen is no longer out there; that if I choose one, I won’t be missing out on something greater. I know, it sounds kinda weird as I type it – but, I am who I am. It isn’t that I want to be sure and have the latest and the greatest, but rather, it is my quest for the right atmosphere, the right feeling, that pushes me on. I don’t want anything to be typical, to be “matchy”. I want to be inspired to cook, to have conversation, to nourish our hearts and souls as well as our bodies. I am a kitchen dweller and building this house is my chance to create a special and unique feeling for our dwelling. I am getting closer… here is a color scheme I am looking at, tell me what you think.