Time heals – and other lies…

Time doesn’t heal
Time changes the pain
God heals as he turns our pain into pathways to Him

Ann Voskamp explains that our pain inflicts holes in our soul, and those holes become portals through which we see God… I love this

My beautiful sister has been gone from this earth for 16 years now. I can tell you first hand that time doesn’t heal. Only the grace of God and his powerful peace giving spirit heals your pain. He heals in such a way that you see beauty and possibilities again. It never goes away, but you begin to live without the daily edge of the pain.

Ann Voskamp lost a sister, maybe that is why I relate so well…

As I remember the loss, the pain… I look forward with hope. I see a God who makes beauty for ashes and joy for our mourning… that is not a lie

You must take time to remember: a lesson in gratitude

I have been blogging for several years now and my blog has often taken on a life of its own. There are days and weeks when I feel so inspired that I write and write and write… then, there are the other kinds of days and weeks. Today was sort of one of the “other” kinds of days. I found myself asking, “Where is my passion? Where is the wild innovation I often feel bubbling under the surface?” I found the answer in an unlikely place; I found it in reading my own blogs posts! It is crazy, but I went back and started reading some of the things I had written and all of the sudden it was like a fog lifted and I felt inspired. I thought, “wow! Did I write that?” So if you ever find yourself in a funk, here is a bit of encouragement: Keep a journal, start a blog, keep a diary, do something that keeps a record of your thoughts and doings. It is a powerful way to look back and see how you have grown. It shows how God has been faithful even in our unfaithfulness. It will encourage you and it will help you remember where you have been.

One of my favorite ways to remember is by counting “gifts” along with Ann and the thousands of others over at her website. Her book truly has changed my life.

So join me and take the challenge. Start small. No perfectionist legalistic rules, just start to take note of the joy and gifts around you everyday. This is a crazy, fast, and wild life we are living. Go ahead and take the advice of an old saying:

Stop and smell the roses!

the first sign of spring in my flower bed...

full of life Friday…

walk across the street in the RAIN to pray with a friend going in for surgery

make peppermint tea and muffins

listen to Mozart as Greg reads the libretto to the kids

eat breakfast with the front door WIDE OPEN (no bugs!)

study the Constitution with Em

listen to Col’s presentation on 3 branches of gov’t

watch Eth take his last high school history test EVER! (senior 2012!)

have a friend over to talk music theory and music history with Greg

hold his precious baby as he joins the family for lunch; homemade potato soup and my savory parmesan herb biscuits

receive an exciting text from a friend; she got me a signed copy of Ann Voskamp’s book !

They say she prayed a blessing over me as she signed it!

listen to guitar practice, piano practice, plans for a short film, and drink coffee

sit down to a meal of Green Chile Enchiladas made with the last of our “mild” Santa Fe roasted chiles

bake a pumpkin cake

decorate the house for fall

thoroughly enjoy the precious life God has given

unexpected gifts…

Often the things that irritate me can quickly turn to reasons for gratitude. The only difference is my mind set, my point of view. Here is a list that contains my thankfulness for the unexpected gifts in life:

Gift list #53-64

53. guitar picks EVERYWHERE
54. cooking utensils put away in an interesting fashion
55. loud drum playing
56. questions
57. never ending pile of dishes
58. sore muscles
59. 3 different songs being sung simultaneously
60. lingering at the breakfast table
61. pink sparkly things EVERYWHERE
62. dirt tracked in on the kitchen floor
63. dust blown in through open windows
64. hormone triggered emotions

All of these are signs of an active, learning, and growing family. Lord, help me to be thankful and enjoy this busy, messy phase of my life. One day all too soon the messes will be gone, the noises will be silenced and I will be faced with days of clean and quiet. Thank you for this season of being together.