tis the season of love…

It’s the week before Valentine’s Day and people all around are anticipating a day of celebrating those they love. We anxiously await a Valentine with words expressing how very special we are to our significant someone. Of course, not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. I have a friend whose husband resents the fact that card companies tell him when and how to express his love. I think I understand, it can be a lot of pressure to buy, to plan, to make the day special. I however, love Valentines! I love the fact that there is a day; a season set aside for all things red, frilly, passionate, and special. As a girl, I always got a new Valentine nightgown. I am a sucker for red and frilly. As a mom I enjoy decorating our house, we have hearts all over. However, I am thankful that I experience love year round, not just on a card company holiday.

I am looking forward to words of love, but they won’t be written by a card company. See, I have been receiving love notes every week. It started the first week of this year. There was a love note hidden in my laptop. I was thrilled to read words of commitment and love from my husband, but I had no reason to expect another one the next week. The first note came the week of my birthday. The next week I received another note, but I still didn’t realize what was happening. I had a kidney stone the size of a truck, and had outpatient surgery. I thought the note was simply because I had experienced a hard week. Now on the third week, I found a note on the truck seat as Greg opened the door to take me out on a date. I may be slow, but I began to notice a pattern. That is when Greg confessed; he had taken the 52 love note challenge. I am loving it. There is something very special about holding words of love written on paper. It is a tangible momento of an intangible emotion. I can hardly wait until the next one comes. I am saving them all and will hold them as a priceless possession.

So bring on Valentine’s Day. Let’s spend the day celebrating those we love, but don’t stop there. Look for little ways to show the people we love how special they are to us year round.

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