I am a girl obsessed…

I can’t seem to stop searching for that perfect kitchen… it has become an obsession. Just tonight Greg said, ” wow, you just don’t seem to get tired of looking at kitchens.” What he says is true, but the greater truth is that I am compelled to search until I feel that the perfect kitchen is no longer out there; that if I choose one, I won’t be missing out on something greater. I know, it sounds kinda weird as I type it – but, I am who I am. It isn’t that I want to be sure and have the latest and the greatest, but rather, it is my quest for the right atmosphere, the right feeling, that pushes me on. I don’t want anything to be typical, to be “matchy”. I want to be inspired to cook, to have conversation, to nourish our hearts and souls as well as our bodies. I am a kitchen dweller and building this house is my chance to create a special and unique feeling for our dwelling. I am getting closer… here is a color scheme I am looking at, tell me what you think.

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One thought on “I am a girl obsessed…

  1. I like it. I would probably throw in some purple or blue myself because I’m a sucker for irises and pansies, but that sunshiny feeling will really help to start your day and as the sun sets the room will glow with warmth. You could add sunflowers if you wanted…but I think you probably have some modern super-kewl way to make it today and the past mixed together. You’re going to be “living” there for a while, make it yours. I picked a totally different kitchen for my house because I wanted it open.

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