Some things are bitter sweet – let the moving begin

If you read my blog or facebook with any regularity, you already know that we are moving. We closed on our lot a couple of weeks ago and are in the final stages of custom designing our floor plan.  I’d say its a dream come true, but I didn’t even know I was allowed to dream this big.  Our home will be a split level with a deck and lower patio facing the pond, walking trails, and mountain in our back yard. The living space will be conducive to family and friends gathering for meals, conversation, and just plain relaxing. WOW! I am so excited.  So, why the bittersweet thing?  Well, there are a few things to consider:

1. We’ve never lived in one house for this long – 7 years

2. We have great neighbors; really, really great neighbors

3. My husband built us a beautiful pergola and patio last year

4. I love my flowerbeds full of perennials.

As we start to clean out closets tonight in preparation for selling this house, I’m sure I will face many bittersweet moments.  However, they can’t last long when I think of the exciting journey that is ahead.  I am ready for this next phase of life.  So, let the moving begin!

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10 thoughts on “Some things are bitter sweet – let the moving begin

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  2. You have a beautiful home now but your new one will be breath-taking, I’m sure! New memories to come as a new chapter in your life unfolds. Get ready for the adventure!

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