I Love Live Music

When people want to have a special night out, one of the things they look for is Live Music -

-ooh let’s go there, that band is supposed to be great

-it was so romantic, there was this guitar player…

-how fun, we could dance all night to that combo

live music is really special

my home is filled with live music on a daily basis – that makes my home very special to me

I grew up in a house filled with music.  My dad turned his radio on first thing in the morning and started singing in that deep bass voice way before my eyes ever opened.  Most of my growing up years my headboard was against the shared wall of my folks bathroom – guess what served as my alarm clock?  You got it, my dad singing and tapping out a rhythm on the wall.  If I didn’t tap back, he repeated it with a little more fervor until I answered.  We continued this ritual until my sister left for college and I moved down the hall to the “big” room.  I kind of took this for granted until I had kids of my own.  I wanted them to have great memories of a home filled with music. Our kids often wake up to the sound of me singing silly “good morning” songs – rise and shine and give God the glory… etc. On more fortunate occasions they wake to the sound of Greg playing the piano.  They find their way into the living room and either grab an instrument and join in or sing along – sometimes they lay down and fall back to sleep.  I hope these musical moments turn into sweet memories for them.

A real joy for me is hearing music through out the day.  I have music to cook by, music to clean by, music to do laundry by, music to do math by…wait a minute, “focus on math, stop writing that song!”  Yes, those words are not that uncommon.  Parenting musically gifted kids is a unique blessing and challenge.  I never dreamed my home would be filled with so much music…live music.  I am  thankful for the joy and sounds I grew up with and that the passion is being passed on to the next generation with even a greater intensity.

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One thought on “I Love Live Music

  1. Charla Henderson February 16 at 6:16am Reply
    I loved that!!!! :) What do you think you did as parents to give your children a love for music and not a contempt for practicing?

    Denice Baker Erway February 16 at 9:13am
    I guess the most valuable thing we did was to do music with them. It is what we do. They always have an outlet to be part of something bigger and higher than what they can produce alone. I know not all parents of musical kids are musicians. My parents weren’t known as musicians, but my dad sang in the house, the car, the bathroom… he took fiddle lessons. Most importantly took me to concerts, plays, and music festivals. Hope this helps.

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