Spring – A poem written by a teenager I love…


I hate that spring means summer is coming
because that means it’s hot

But one thing I like about spring is rain
I like rain a lot

My birthday is in April
that’s alright as well

But when I have to show some skin
you better run because I’m pale

Spring and I have a love/hate relationship
spring loves me, spring loves me not

Spring is a great time for skiing
I just love that little thought

I’m a melancholy soul
and I like the weather cold

But spring weather is nice
like seeing happiness unfold

A little thought for this rainy spring day…

Joy For the Journey…


joy for the journey

As a homeschool mom I often say, “it is the process; not the product that matters”. I have come to believe that it is the same in life. If we can’t enjoy the journey then what is there? I don’t want to wish away a phase or a season of my life because I won’t ever get to live this season again. I have set my heart on experiencing joy as I walk this journey called life. How about you?

life in the middle of a sandwich…

I remember the first time I ever heard the term “sandwich generation”. Since I am always interested in all things food, I was instantly curious. As I began to read the article, I quickly realized it had nothing to do with food, and everything to with life. The “sandwich generation” is the generation that had their kids late in life and thereby still has children in the home when they begin to deal with the concerns of aging parents. I did the math. I would definitely qualify.

Here I am several years later living life smack dab in the middle of the sandwich. I have graduated one from our homeschool, but I have 2 more still here at home. My folks have been fine until just a few months ago. A fall, a broken hip, surgery, rehab, another fall, another surgery…

Now mom and I are looking at long term care for my dad. His condition continues to deteriorate. It is heart wrenching, overwhelming, and yes, sometimes it even looks hopeless. My mom is lonely, tired, and I am sure a little afraid.

So here I am living the “sandwich” life and I must say the internal pressure can be intense. I am continually learning what it means to “lay it all down”. The reality is that I can’t be enough. I am powerless to really make a difference, we all are. But God… grace, strength, peace, hope, discernment. He is the difference maker. He sees me, he see my dad and my mom. He sees my children and my husband. He is not caught by surprise at our situation, for this I am thankful.

If you feel like it, please say a prayer for my folks.

my greatest joy, my greatest fear

Parenting perfectly marries joy and fear. I have never know joy like bringing a life into this world. Their precious face looks to me for life. Then fear hits…their precious face looks to me for life. How can the same thing bring unrestrained joy and unrelenting fear? I know they are a gift, I know they aren’t mine but God’s. However, I know I will be held accountable by law and by God for how I raise them. This knowledge causes me to make decisions that aren’t popular and probably don’t even make sense to many looking in on our life. But, it isn’t the onlookers I care about. It is you, my 3 children, who look to me for mothering that I care about. I am the one you call when there is crisis, when you are sick, when you are scared… I will give my life figuratively and literally for you.


rain falling outside my open window
bean stew boiling on the stove
clothes being tossed inside the dryer

Other than those sounds there is quiet.
Quiet that almost aches to be broken.
Within the next few minutes the door will open and in will walk 2 hungry teenagers.
They have been at church participating in summer staff.
There will no longer be quiet and I am thankful.

Noise means there are people who need me
Noise means I have someone to love
Noise means I am alive

I’ve never been very good at quiet

Family traits…

My blue-eyed beauty looked at me and asked, “mom, will my knuckles look like yours someday?” I wasn’t quite prepared to answer, because truth is, they might. My hands are turning into my mother’s hands. My mother has my grandmother’s hands and so on… So I simply told her, I hope not. I also told her there are things we can do to help her be healthy and reduce the chances of her inheriting the swollen joints and pain that comes with them. I don’t tell her of how there were times when I couldn’t use my index finger to pull the tab closed on her diaper when she was a baby, or how my wrists hurt so bad one day I couldn’t use my hand to open the car door. I certainly don’t tell her about the nights interrupted by shooting pain in my hips when I rolled over. No, I tell her a different story.

I tell my daughter that when I don’t eat grains, my hips don’t hurt. I tell her when I drink NingXia red everyday my fingers don’t hurt. I tell her that when I exercise regularly I am not stiff. I tell her there is hope.

Find out more about NingXia Red and how it can give you hope for health and wellness. Blessings!

wellness, purpose, abundance

I am passionate about Young Living Essential Oils. They have added so much to my life. The company’s motto is wellness, purpose, and abundance. I truly feel that Young Living has added all three to my life. So when people might ask why I am crazy about Young Living, I have to say it has brought wellness, purpose, and abundance to my life. I want to take a look at each one. Today I want to talk about wellness.

Wellness is defined as the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. I truly feel that I daily move closer and closer to this goal. Young Living oils and oil infused products enable me to live more of my days pain free without the damaging effects of pain medications. There are many days that I feel exhilarated and full of energy. I love carrying with me the answers to life little accidents and health issues: peppermint for headaches and fatigue, lemon for indigestion, Deep Relief for muscle pain, lavender for burns, cuts, allergies, itching… the list goes on and on. NingXia Red packets give that perfect healthful boost to the mid afternoon slump. Essentialzymes 4 aide in digestion and weight loss. Progessence Plus has my hormones under control and keeps the anxiety of peri-menopause at bay. I seriously cannot imagine my day without Young Living.

Along with a change in diet and physical exercise, Young Living is bringing wellness to me and my family.

I would love to share more about the joy of Young Living with you. Feel free to visit my website. There are several beautiful and informative videos for you to watch. So take a look and let me know what you think!

Pain free stair climbing…

I climbed a flight of stairs yesterday.
I didn’t have knee pain.
I didn’t have to do the “step up with left leg, bring right leg up on same step; repeat method. I just put one foot in front of the other and soon I was walking up the stairs”
It has been months since I have done this.
I have been kneeling down digging and planting in our garden.
I haven’t eaten grains in 10 days!
This is my motivation to carry on…